Every business looks ahead to what the coming year has in store for them.

Growth. Increased turnover and profits. Adding to your workforce. Or simply maintaining current levels if that’s what realistic for you. Whatever it is planning and thinking strategically are key.

As a small business of two people, LEC’s targets for the 12 months ahead are ambitious yet certainly achievable.

The last two years have been very good for the business and we’ve certainly punched above our weight in terms of portfolio growth and increased turnover and, more importantly, profits – turnover for vanity, profits for sanity and all that.

But as we look ahead, we know resting on our laurels simply isn’t enough – to remain profitable and enjoy the benefits of being the only employees within the business, our sales have to increase.

And that can be a daunting prospect. Anyone in business knows how challenging winning new work can be. You have the meeting and the likelihood of conversion looks promising. You then follow up to try and get the deal done. And that’s when things stall.

So where does the work come from?

Myself and my colleague Alan are tackling the challenges of growth head on – and are already feeling optimistic that the targets we’ve set ourselves can be achieved.

However, we’re also realistic – winning new work won’t happen overnight and it may take months before we see real returns from our efforts.

But, as long as we remain focussed, we know that come the end of 2019, we’ll be reflecting on a year that has yielded continued growth with our targets not only met but exceeded.