All businesses strive to have a brand they can be proud of.

A lot of focus goes on how your company’s brand looks from the outside world. But that can mean we often ignore how it looks from the inside.

Your brand is the heart and personality of your business and it’s vital that your employees ‘live it’. It sounds cheesy and a bit of a cliche but how can we expect the outside world to believe in our┬ábusinesses if our staff don’t.

And often, it’s not a case of our employees not understanding the brand or what it stands for – it can simply be that we don’t communicate it internally.

Your brand should be as clear internally as it is externally, through the use of internal branding (and you don’t have to go down to the ‘nth degree of painting your walls to match your logo colour either). A lot of companies have brand guidelines that they might occasionally send out to a creative agency or printer. Why not let your staff see them too so they can appreciate what it is they’re set out to achieve?

Internal communication is crucial for any business – even one with a handful of employees who share the same office. How you communicate internally should reflect your brand. When putting together marketing materials, why would you go to all the trouble of making sure your logo is correct, the colours are right, the messaging is on-brand, etc etc… and make do with internal documents strewn with word art and comic sans in fuchsia pink, just because?


We’re not all designers – and putting together internal materials often needs to be quick in easy. Why not invest in some easy-to-use templates?


Share your external campaigns with your staff so they know what’s happening. You wouldn’t expect Tesco to be advertising a new special offer outside your local store and for the staff not to know anything about it (yes it happens, it shouldn’t).

Share the success stories of your staff internally. Newsletters are a great way of letting your employees know they’re appreciated.


Marketing is often very geared toward selling your business to potential new clients and customers. What about potential new recruits? If your external marketing works and you need to think about growing your team, will your target recruitment pool know who you are? What will your recruitment materials look like? What will your training materials look like? Will your internal branding follow suit? And will all of this tie in with your external branding and marketing?

Pictured: ZF TRW. LEC produced a range of internal training and recruitment materials that fitted with the company’s global brand and local messaging.