AS the summer months approach and the anticipation of BBQs, cold ciders and paddling pools in 15 degree-sunshine are at the forefront of everyone’s minds, there’s generally a feeling of positivity, a greater spring in our steps.

Who doesn’t agree that, when it comes to getting out of bed and seizing the day, a sunny morning really does make all the difference?

And equally for business growth and success, the saying of ‘make hay while the sun shines’ is absolutely true.

Over the last few weeks, while the weather has been by and large bright, warm and sunny, the team at LEC has adopted a new sense of purpose and determination – it’s given us that extra injection of ‘get up and go’ which has enabled us to really think about new revenue streams and where we’d like the business to go.

Sitting in our office, which is blessed with lots of windows, we find ourselves looking out in the Novus Business Centre courtyard, which often attracts local wildlife including rabbits and pheasants, feeling incredibly positive about the year ahead. After the hard slog of January and February, we’re now fully focussed on wat we want to achieve and how we make it happen.

We’ve planned, number crunched and analyses and feel like with a positive attitude, we can take LEC to the next level.

As a nation we’re so easily pleased. Give us a bit of sunshine and we’re happy.

But equally for businesses, the impact nice weather has on our mindsets should never be underestimated.

So perhaps if we can have a long, hot Mediterranean summer, in just a few months us business owners will all believe we can be the next Richard Branson or James Dyson!