When I launched LEC five years ago, I can’t say I was a massively experienced networker.

In fact, I wasn’t entirely convinced of the benefits. Trying to grow a business meant I needed to be at my desk or out meeting potential clients.

However, all that changed when I became involved with the Peterlee Business Park Group, shortly after LEC marked the end of its first year of trading.

Regularly attending events gave me the perfect opportunity to meet new companies – companies that I’d spend months trying to get in front of.

You see, what I hadn’t fully appreciated was that people do business with people.

So, meeting them face to face changed the dynamic completely – I was no longer a faceless name on the end of a phone or email. In turn, that led to meetings, and from there, those companies became clients.

My experiences have been a key element of LEC’s delivery of the new Incubator Zone project at this year’s Oktoberfest.

The Incubator Zone is aimed specifically at those companies who have never before exhibited at Oktoberfest, and have little or no networking experience. Those participating are given intensive pre-event support to ensure they’re in the strongest possible position to capitalise on their involvement with Oktoberfest. This has also included support with the design and supply or marketing materials to help with their promotion.

Our aim is that they will take full advantage of their involvement in the event, utilising the help LEC has given them to forge new relationships with potential new customers.

We know Oktoberfest, the region’s biggest engineering and manufacturing event, is a proven platform to winning new business, and we’re fully confident the companies who are exhibiting within the Incubator Zone will walk away fully converted to networking.

Done right, it can absolutely be an extension of your sales team. It has been for LEC and it can be for you!