Everyone’s going GDPR mad!

Four letters you're probably sick of seeing and hearing, yet you're probably still wondering where to start. This isn't the first time new legislation and laws have come into effect, and it certainly won't be the last. So why didn't businesses lose their minds over...

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A Food Review of The Seaton Lane Inn

Following a major refurbishment, the Seaton Lane Inn at Seaton near Seaham is now open for business. So when I was offered the chance to sample the food, I was keen to see whether the investment and revamp was money well spent. I’ve eaten at the Seaton Lane Inn many...

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Zak’s NEET experience at LEC

Zak Williams is NEET (Not in Employment, Education or Training aged 16-24) and is working with EDBS advisor Simon Naisbett to gain the skills needed to hopefully help him secure employment. Here he shares his thoughts on the course in his first blog, written as part...

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Wave goodbye to the January blues

Dark mornings. Dark evenings. It’s cold. It’s wet. There’s snow. And the icing on the cake – no-one has any money left past mid-month as we’ve all spent too much at Christmas. Sound familiar? This month has certainly been a long slog – getting up on a morning being...

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Have a little patience…

There's no denying one of the biggest frustrations in business is that things never happen as quickly as we’d like them to. We’ve all had that telephone call or meeting with a potential client who is so keen to work with you… yet it’s six, sometimes even 12, months...

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Networking can be an extension of your sales team

When I launched LEC five years ago, I can’t say I was a massively experienced networker. In fact, I wasn’t entirely convinced of the benefits. Trying to grow a business meant I needed to be at my desk or out meeting potential clients. However, all that changed when I...

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Why your business must evolve

The recent announcement that Amazon is to close its Lovefilm DVD rental service reminded me of the decline of Blockbuster Video. Once the staple of everybody's Friday night in - going to the local video shop to rent a film that wouldn't be available to buy for months...

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