LEC Blog: Luciano Bar and Bistro food review

THE Oaklands was once the ‘go to’ pub in Peterlee. In fact, it wasn’t unusual for people to queue up to get in, such was its popularity. Unfortunately, like many such venues, the pub sadly declined and from its status as a real hub of the community, it quickly became...

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It’s all about the mic…

Over the last few years I have hosted and presented my fair share of events. When I think back to my very first attempt, when I was asked to present the communications strategy for the Peterlee Business Park Group at our launch event back in 2014, I remember the...

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Make hay while the sun shines

AS the summer months approach and the anticipation of BBQs, cold ciders and paddling pools in 15 degree-sunshine are at the forefront of everyone’s minds, there’s generally a feeling of positivity, a greater spring in our steps. Who doesn’t agree that, when it comes...

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To Serenity and Beyond… Seaham Hall review

IS THERE any better feeling than waking up on a dreary Monday morning knowing you’re off work??? Well, yes, actually - when you wake up on a dreary Monday morning, you’re off work and you’re heading to the wonderful Seaham Hall Hotel for a relaxing spa day. I must...

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Everyone’s going GDPR mad!

Four letters you're probably sick of seeing and hearing, yet you're probably still wondering where to start. This isn't the first time new legislation and laws have come into effect, and it certainly won't be the last. So why didn't businesses lose their minds over...

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A Food Review of The Seaton Lane Inn

Following a major refurbishment, the Seaton Lane Inn at Seaton near Seaham is now open for business. So when I was offered the chance to sample the food, I was keen to see whether the investment and revamp was money well spent. I’ve eaten at the Seaton Lane Inn many...

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