… and the morning… and the afternoon… and the evening…

Anyone who has ever written or been involved in a public sector tender will know that they’re incredibly time-consuming. Unfortunately they’re a necessary evil of bidding for work.

As a small team, we don’t have the resources that bigger agencies have in order to throw dedicated time into bid writing. We recently spent more than a week writing a 10,000 word public sector tender and that was time that impacted on our day to day workload.

I personally have experience ‘in a past life’ of writing public and private sector tenders, albeit it in a different industry, but this was the first public sector tender we had completed at LEC.

We didn’t win the work and of course we were very disappointed not to, especially having put so much time and effort into it – completing the document meant working day and night, weekends and even during annual leave. We still had client deadlines to meet after all!

Whilst feeling slightly deflated at not winning a contract we know we can deliver on, we have to focus on the many positives.

Firstly, we came second, narrowly missing out on the contract by just a few points. We were also one of a very long list of companies who submitted tenders, so to score so highly is testament to our expertise and experience. Not bad going for our first attempt.

Secondly, we know the agency that won the work has a team of more than 20 people working across three locations so, although it’s bitter-sweet, there’s a huge positive to take from that, knowing we’re capable of competing at such a high level.

All in all we’re extremely proud of how we did and we’re not letting our first foray into the world of public sector bid writing deter us.

In fact we’re already looking at other opportunities – you’ve got to be in to win it ‘write’!