Dark mornings.

Dark evenings.

It’s cold. It’s wet. There’s snow.

And the icing on the cake – no-one has any money left past mid-month as we’ve all spent too much at Christmas.

Sound familiar?

This month has certainly been a long slog – getting up on a morning being the biggest challenge.

But it’s also a month when businesses look ahead – when we have real cause for optimism as we prepare for projects and opportunities that are in the pipeline and doing even more to service existing clients.

And that’s been our focus this month. We know historically it’s one of the slower months as far as new projects go (not many people are in the mood to spend, however are happy to look at spend beyond the end of the month!), so what we’ve focussed on is planning for 2018 and thinking about where we’d like to see the business go.

It’s given myself and my colleague Alan, who heads up LEC’s design and marketing arm, the chance to review the previous 12 months – what worked, what didn’t, what companies did we have promising conversations with that didn’t develop into work, but are worth revisiting now?

January is a long month. It’s a depressing month (though as my cousin always tells me, her birthday is in January so it’s great) and let’s be honest, when it’s over we all breathe a collective sigh of relief.

But it can also be a green month – one that can be the perfect platform to a year of growth. So, here’s to a successful year for LEC, our clients and suppliers and the area’s business community.

Bye bye January blues!