It has been a turbulent time for our business community with many companies experiencing a downturn in sales due to the coronavirus pandemic.

But as the world begins to emerge from lockdown and our way of working gradually returns to normal, Leanne Fawcett from LEC Communications and Design looks at how businesses can bounce back.

As the managing director of LEC Communications and Design and a steering group member for the Peterlee and Seaham business park groups, I have both experienced and seen first-hand the impact coronavirus has had on our business community.

Businesses that were planning for growth were forced to put the brakes on as everything stopped when we went into lockdown.

Where talks were of managing capacity and prioritising client work, instead business owners were forced to assess their positions and judge exactly how to get through what was a completely unprecedented situation.

Thankfully, the Government and our local authorities stepped up and offered companies like mine the financial support we very much needed to help us through the lockdown period.

Now, as life and business begin to return to some kind of normality, we can finally start to look ahead to how we all bounce back from the coronavirus pandemic, hopefully even stronger than we were before all of this happened.

So how do we do that? For me, partnership working is essential. Together we are stronger and by supporting fellow businesses and pressing the ‘go’ button on projects that had been put on hold, we can get our business community once again.

Success breeds success after all and if we can show that we are very much open for business, we can create a domino affect that will hopefully ensure a prosperous and successful East Durham for many years to come.