AT long last it’s here.

It only comes around every four years and as England fans we’ve not had many reasons to love it.

1966 seems a very long time ago.

However, that doesn’t change the fact that we love the World Cup.

The sense of pride we as a football loving nation feels when our team steps out onto the pitch is unrivalled.

And yes, not everyone likes football, or has any desire to lose four weeks of their lives to, let’s be honest, watching matches at that any other time would be of absolutely no interest.

But what we can’t argue with is that, love it or loathe it, the World Cup is absolutely a good thing for Britain’s economy and business productivity.

Economists and researchers are predicting that the next four weeks alone could be worth in excess of £2.7bn to our country (if England were to reach the final) and £1.3bn if they progress beyond the second round, as people buy official merchandise, barbecue food, big screen TVs and of course the odd crate of lager or bottle of gin.

The caveat to that, of course, is England’s progress.

It’s Monday when England kick off their 2018 campaign against Tunisia and the vibes coming out of the camp are certainly positive.

And businesses up and down the country will be keeping their fingers crossed that our time in Russia goes beyond two weeks – when England win it instils in us a feel-good factor that leads to increased motivation and productivity.

When England do well, the whole country does well.

So, let’s sit back and enjoy the next four weeks (hopefully) and cheer on our nation to success – even if you couldn’t care less how far we get in the competition.